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My name is Rohan Mishra.
I help startups build Beautiful and Functional products using UI/UX.

Currently leading International products for UAE, KSA, AUS, SGP for Urban Company. Previously lead consumer app and support tools designs at Zomato


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I am a passionate problem solver who uses design methodologies to solve user & business problems. In my design practice, I had the opportunity to lead design teams, and work with some of the best product people in different industries.

Apart from my work as a designer, I manage a community of over 1500 UX designers and I am an avid reader with a lean towards design, leadership & investment genre.

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I have helped Zomato with the consumer app products like Contactless Dining, Zomato Gold, Gold Specials, Meals for One and mentoring the incoming design talent.

A successful digital product solves the right problem for the right users. These products have complexities and high Investment, so understanding the user’s problem is crucial. I help brands and companies by validating the product-market fit early in the process. So that they can build products that matter to people and get traction.

To give back to the design community, I founded Design Sundays, a design community to make design education accessible to all.

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Contactless Dining​

Safety comes complimentary with every meal while dining with Zomato Contactless Dining

  • Contactless Menu, Order, and Pay
  • XX K+ Happy Customers
  • Launched in 6 Countries
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Zomato Lifeline

The Lifeline of Zomato’s Food Delivery operations.

  • Reduced burn cost
  • Better UX for support team's productivity
  • Lower rejections due to process changes​
Zomato Lifeline
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Merchant Onboarding DIY

Enabling Merchants to onboard themselves on the platform and start getting orders

  • XX% Decrease in Onboarding Time
  • XX% Less Human Manpower Required
  • Reduced Cost of Onboarding
Merchant DIY
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Reviews 2.0

Helping people decide where and what to eat with the help of User Generated Content.

  • Add a helpful review in less than 30s
  • Select a Place to dine in less than 5 mins.
  • XX % increase in no. of reviewers and reviews.

Zomato Reviews 2.0


Zomato Meals For One

Meals for One

Discover affordable single-serve meals and purchase seamlessly with express checkout with no additional charges.

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User’s health assistant for Consulting Doctors, Medical records,  Appointments, and Buying Medicines.


Bringing change through a Design Community

While starting Design Sundays, I envisioned a world where problem solving with design skills is independent of design school degrees. Design Sundays is trying to bring the best of people from the design and product industry to share their experience amongst learners.

Design Sundays

We want to create an ecosystem for accessible Design Education for All Design Aspirants and Problem Solvers.

Built on the idea of “Community both ways”- It means that for all paid events, a big sum from the collections goes to help NGOs and entities that improve lives. Raised ₹ 50K+ from 3 events for supporting Daily Wagers through NGOs like Voice of Slum and Zomato Feeding India.


Rohan's Youtube Channel

Watch the premium design content I share on my YouTube Channel.

Catch up on  trending UX, product design and technology ideas, resources & events.

Also, Don’t miss out on the Live & exclusive interactions with  Design Leaders.


Featured articles on some of the best Design, Technology, Startup Publications

Speaking Experience

I started my public speaking Journey at age of 17 while leading a community in my college.  

I had the opportunity to deliver over 30 Design Talks at biggest Brands and universities in India and interact with amazing problem solvers of our times.

Having mentored 700+ design aspirants, I take it as a responsibility to inspire modern day problem solvers to adopt better practices to solve impactful human problems.

Let’s create something great together, say hello.

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