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My top picks for Designers


Sprint- Solve Big problems and test new ideas in just five days.

A book by Jake Knapp that can help you solve big problems in just 5 days. Get from Idea to a prototype, validate your ideas and equip your teams with best tools & resources.
Creative Confidence

Creative Confidence- Unleashing the creative potential within us.

Written by David Kelley and Tom Kelley to help you believe in your creative potential. Book has very persuasive ideas and resources on bringing creativity in all walks of life.

Hooked- How to build Habit-forming products.

Nir Eyal explains the process of building Habit-forming products with a framework. The Framework is a loop of stages that a person goes through while forming a habit.
Design of Everyday things
Design of Everyday things

The Design of Everyday Things- Don Norman

Did you ever find a product that you couldn't be able use? We have all been there thought ourselves to be stupid but we are not. Those products are designed poorly.
Don't Make Me Think
Don't Make Me Think

Don't make me think- A common sense approach to Web Usability

Steve Krug explained Small things are big things when it comes to usability. The things should be designed in such a manner that what to do next becomes obvious.
Emotional Design
Emotional Design

Emotional Design - Why We Love (or Hate) Everyday Things

Don Norman relates the emotions to the products. He explains how people relate to products in daily life. How some products make them feel better while others don't.

Other Resources

User Experience of Voice User Interface

User Experience of Voice User Interface: Step by Step Usability Guide

UX for Voice User Interfaces matters when we think about all those experiences. Most of the companies out there are fighting on the data and more relevant response.
So, the devices with better user experience will definitely have a competitive edge on others.